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I'm trying to import a midi file from REAPER with two tracks (piano/violin). Piano is set to midi channel 1, and violin is set to midi channel 2. When I open the midi file in musescore it combines to two tracks into one instrument and says they are both on channel 1. I can't separate them in musescore. Am very frustrated right now. Please some help would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately there isnt any other option that would help musescore.

It is already a multi track midi file.

I think think problem might be that musescore interprits one track as one staff, and automatically thinks that two tracks equals one double staved instrument. If so This is a problem with musescore, not with the DAW or midi file.
An easy option to fix this would be to by default have musecore assign 1 track to 1 staff for 1 instrument, but to also Include full control over what tracks go in what instrument. Also an Instrument editor in the import options would be nice too. That way it won't do this glitch, and the only thing that would require an additional step is for an instrument with two staves, which with an instrument editor in the import section would make that easy to accomplish too.

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Using a MIDI tool of mine that I may upload to github some day, we see
Resolution 960, format 1, 3 tracks.
TME 0: @ticks 0 m 1, sig (6, 8) beat 3/8 tpb 1440 bpm 2 len T/B/M (123840 86 43)
END at tick 123840 = m. 44

t# chn relT absT m+beat
Track 0: Meta 14
Track 1: Meta 2, Control/ch: 0:65, Notes/ch: 0:266
Track 2: Meta 2, Control/ch: 0:9, Notes/ch: 0:1032
[bsg@bsg-mbp-2019 MuseScore (plugin-object-comparison-fix)]$

All the notes are on channel 0, but in 2 tracks. Track 0 is the control track.

The software you used (Reaper) put both instruments on the same midi channel, but on different tracks. (Do not confuse the track with the channel)
Try the attached file where I changed the just channel numbers and added patch info (violin and piano).

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You said the violin was already set to MIDI channel 2, but that is apparently not the case. So the more relevant question, I think, is, what did you do originally to cause you to believe you had set the violin to channel 2? I would think if you had actualyly done that, there would be no need to fix it later. So rather than try to repair this MIDI file, maybe you just need to go back to place you thought you set up the channel assignments, check to see what you did wrong, then re-export the MIDI file?

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I had thought it was.

Under the midi editor there was a selection for channel. I set the violin to channel 2 in there. Apparently it isn't the same thing.

There is also a way to change the channel of the midi input, but I don't think that is what I need to do. I think I'll need to post something in the REAPER forum to figure it out. if I still can't.

Sounds like the problem is just my sheer incompetence xD

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