Text item fell onto another page, how to select it

• Sep 10, 2019 - 11:31

Using Muse Score 3, I had some text attached to a note, not immediately above it, but some way off to the right.
I inserted some extra bars before it, and the text fell off the page.
Later I added a second page, and the text showed up, but was not individually selectable for deletion.
It can, sort of, be selected, by using Select All Similar Items (starting from any other text item)
but I could not then move it or delete it without deleting all text items.

If I alter the length of the vertical spacer that is attached to Bar One, that detached text goes up or down, with the staves: so there still seems to be an attachment of sorts.

Solution: select each bar in turn. The orphaned text will get highlighted when the appropriate bar is selected.
Delete the contents of that bar, and the text will disappear.
Then rewrite the notes and chord symbols in the bar.
It's Bar 5 in the attached files.

I searched the Handbook yesterday, trying various search terms, but couldn't find anything.
I am posting this in case others have the same problem, and/or to invite comments.


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