Diable AP

• Sep 17, 2019 - 00:58

I want to force insertion of a note into a measure that is already complete, and then deal with moving the bar later. It appears that AP is preventing me from doing that. I go to the Inspector to try to disable AP, but when I pull the page over it is completely blank, except for the words at the top that say "Nothing selected." So two questions:
1) Best way to accomplish a note insertion when the software doesn't want to allow it, and
2) How do I retrieve the Inspector?



You can recall the inspector from the "View" menu or by typing F8.

Not being able to insert a note has nothing to do with automatic placement; MuseScore measures can only hold as many notes as the time-signature allows. If you have four quarters in a 4/4 measure, and you'd like to insert a fifth one to make it 5/4 (which is the only way you can insert a fifth one), select "insert" from the note-input menu at the left with the fancy "N". Then notes will not replace other notes, but just expand measures. If that is really what you want, but I'm not sure it is.

As noted, automatic placement has nothing to do with time signatures. To insert extra beats into a measure, you can use Ctrl+Shift+letter, or use Measure Properties to increase the actual duration of the measure then add the note normally, or switch temporarily to "Insert mode" (see dropdown next to the note input icon on toolbar).

The Inspector only has meaningful content when something is selected, because it's whole purpose is to operate on selected elements.

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