Would it be possible (for me) to write a plugin that randomly moves some notes out of tune, for student analysis?

• Sep 17, 2019 - 10:40

HI folks,

as I found out MuseScore plugins are written in QML. Is it possible to do the following via a plugin?

  1. Introduce some random changes to a few notes throughout the score.
  2. Highlight these changes via a different color (or otherwise).

This would serve as a learning tool for music students, who should identify discrepancies in the score vs. the original one - mainly as a hearing exercise...




Changing a note(head)'s color is possible via Plugins, several do this, so can serve as examples (e.g. Color Notes, Color Voices).
Changing the tuning of a note is possible too, by (up to) +/- 200 cents (100 cent are one semitone), here too plugins are available.

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