Would it be possible (for me) to write a plugin that randomly moves some notes out of tune, for student analysis?

• Sep 17, 2019 - 10:40

HI folks,

as I found out MuseScore plugins are written in QML. Is it possible to do the following via a plugin?

  1. Introduce some random changes to a few notes throughout the score.
  2. Highlight these changes via a different color (or otherwise).

This would serve as a learning tool for music students, who should identify discrepancies in the score vs. the original one - mainly as a hearing exercise...




Changing a note(head)'s color is possible via Plugins, several do this, so can serve as examples (e.g. Color Notes, Color Voices).
Changing the tuning of a note is possible too, by (up to) +/- 200 cents (100 cent are one semitone), here too plugins are available.

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Added them in this commit.

The two addendums from Note Object correspond to enumerations that are already exposed and documented to QML plugins framework so I didn't add that page. The same goes for Global Variables which now belong to MuseScore object. Tick lengths page was added but recalculated in terms of division variable to unbind that from raw numerical ticks values. Other pages were updated and added there.

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