Musescore 3 takes up to 8 minutes to open

• Sep 18, 2019 - 18:49

I have tried reinstalling and resetting to factory settings, but the problem persists. I do not have MDL or any soundfonts installed. Windows 10, 64-bit. Was not an issue until recently.


(Without using Windows 10) - Be sure that none of the extensions is installed (help->resource manager...). Check the processes inside the task manager. Or check your hard drive, if there's any failure/error?

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Hmm, you said you did a factory reset, that should have undone that. So maybe you didn't really do the reset? Try that (in Help menu). I'm guessing you actually have the MDL soundfonts or other large soundfonts installed too and don't realize it. Could also be one or more a problematic recent file, like an MSCX file or score from pre-2.0 where MuseScore is now trying to generate thumbnails for; this too will stop if you to do the revert.

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Well, you don't have the extension installed, that much we can see. But that doesn't prove you don't have the soundfonts themselves installed, which is why I mentioned the revert. And the other reasons, like the possible problematic recent file. Since you have now confirmed you did in fact do the reset, that can't be it either. So next guess is there is some sort of antivirus or firewall type program on your system holding things up.

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I can't remember to read about such a problem in this forum, except the delays by using MDL, large soundfonts or opening large scores (which all doesn't seem the reason here as you described (?)). So other suggestions to figure out what could be the reason here:

Any differences?

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When you start from the command line, it is possible in theory to view the console output, which would likely be helpful in understanding what is going on. Unfortunately, I gather Windows does something special to trap this, requiring the use of additional utilities to view. But that could be an avenue worth pursuing. Unfortunately, no one else seems to be experiencing this, so it's something we'd need you to investigate for yourself.

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Another route would be to right click the desktop icon. The shortcut tab opens and will tell you where the exe. file is. Select 'open file location' and open the highlighted exe. file. If MuseScore opens quicker, your desktop icon is bad. Create a new one ( right click the exe. file and select "send to"/desktop. Delete the old one one the desktop. Doesn't happen very often, but you never know.
Also, when you uninstall a program, not everything gets deleted.

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