weak or no sound through Bluetooth

• Sep 18, 2019 - 20:38
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the workaround is cranking the volume on the amplifier my BT is connected to, but woe unto any nearby if i switch to another program and forget to lower the volume!

I had to switch to my desktop. The tiny keyboard I was using is not meant for typing!

I have set up a micro computer on my ceiling mounted LCD projector with all wireless connected peripherals (except to the LCD). I use Musescore to arrange music for my choir on my desktop with no problems at all, then use the cloud to send to the remote LCD for them to practice with. I use a wired speaker system at one of my schools and Bluetooth wireless at the other. The wired system has no problems. The Bluetooth is where the problem surfaced. That system is connected to two 100W amps that can really blow your hair back if you don't watch out. 🤕

I am using a Minis Forum Model Z83-F (Micro computer)
Processor: Intel Atom x-5-Z8350
CPU @ 1.44 GHz
64 bit Operating system
Running Windows 10 Pro
Integrated Microsoft Bluetooth Total (best driver installed)

When I play back from Youtube at a "smooth Jazz" volume, then switch to Musescore on the Minis Forum system the sound is barely there. I can't raise the volume enough using the Musescore mixer to make it hear-able.
I can take the volume on the big amps up to return to "smooth Jazz" as a work around the issue. However return to YouTube without checking the volume and my smooth jazz goes "Screaming Death Metal" 👹

Does MuseScore play at a normal volume connected to other devices? Is the score you are playing unusually quiet (eg, "ppp" dynamic, or equivalent MIDI velocity settings forced for individual notes in the Inspector? Where is the overall synth volume set in View / Synthesizer? Did you try restarting MuseScore after connecting the device? Or using Edit / Preferences / I/O to be sure the correct driver is selected? How about the "Restart Aduio and MIDI Devices" button in that same dialog? Or Help / Revert to factory Settings?

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All scores have the same issue. It is not related to dynamics.

With a direct connection to a speaker the same problem happens. It is as if there is another volume control that is set at minimum.

Using the mixer I have volume set at 127, the computer volume is at 100%.
I have attempted changing dynamics with no effect.
The inspector shows the velocity is offset at 0. I attempted different settings with no effect.
With the synthesizer I can push the decibels to -30 before getting distortion and the volume increases slightly.
I have checked and tried IO options without effect. Restarted Audio and Midi devices also with out effect.