One particular score crashes the program when opening

• Sep 19, 2019 - 00:03

I made a score which started causing Musescore to crash when I tried opening it. I tried recreating the score and was shocked that the same thing happened again. Even saving a copy did not work.

This is very frustrating. How can I get this score to work?

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i renamed your score to a ZIP, decompressed it and looked at it in an HTML editor and it looks fine but MuseScore reports a problem reading the file in relation to a Time Signature. This is the second report in the past couple of hours so I assume there is a bug somewhere. I can't yet work out how to open your (or the other) file but Iĺl post here if I do.

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This does reveal another bug though: trying to delete that (apparently entirely unneeded?) staff type change (in a current debug build from master) results in a crash, or rather in a failed assertion:

Fatal: ASSERT: "i != begin()" in file ...\libmscore\stafftypelist.cpp, line 42 (...\libmscore\stafftypelist.cpp:42, )

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Not just that, there is no real change it seems, it just "changes" staff type to what it has been before.

Attached the score with tah styff type change removed (in the Beta to prevend the original crash, inserted a measure to prevent the crash on deleting that staff type change, deleted that, deletded the extra measure).
Now it opens in 3.2.3 too without crashing

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Actually, to be clear:

The only reason to ever mess with the scale setting - whether in staff properties or in a staff type change - is to have different scaling for different staves or measures within the same score. If you just want the whole score bigger or smaller, don't use either of those - use the scaling in Format / Page Settings.

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