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• Sep 29, 2019 - 20:03

I have a hymn, and what I want to do is play only voice 1 in the bass clef. I tried, right click> tenor note>Select>more>same voice>same staff but I don't see an option to play just these notes. Is it possible to do this?

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I have 3.2.3 but I haven't used it much, I am just very use to use 2.3.2. I should convert and get used to the new but one of the things I don't like is when you open a 2.3.2 score, 3.2.3 want's to change the layout. Even if you say "No", it still changes it. Now maybe there is an option in preferences to turn this automatic feature off. I just never investigated it further.

The easy way to play just a given voice of a given staff is to use the mute voice buttons in View / Mixer. But for the record, indeed, once you've selected a bunch of notes, there is no way to say "play only these notes" - but you can do the opposite, say don't play these notes, using the Inspector. That is, selecting notes is a precusor to doing something with those notes specifically, not for doing something (mute playback) the other notes.

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Well, again, the way you are going about it isn't the right way to do it. using the Mixer is, and it's about as intuitive an interface as there is - it's the way virtually all audio applications (both software and hardware) present this type of thing.

It's perfectly intuitive in general that after selecting a bunch of elements, you have the ability to do things with those elements. It's just that you are making the mistake of saying "play these elements" is one of those things, but it just isn't something that is doable. The options provided are about changing something about the selected elements. Playing currently always works on the entire score. In fact, one previous release tried making it so only the selected notes would play, but users complained bitterly, so the current behavior was re-established. Some day a new "play only selection" command may be implemented.

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I looked at using the Mixer but that only works if each voice of the hymn (SATB) were Sop Voice 1, Alto V2, Tenor V3, and Bass V4. Typically, I don't do hymns in that way. Usually, Sop and Alto are Voice 1, 2 in the treble clef and Tenor and Bass are 1, 2 in the base clef. Perhaps I should change my method. That being said, select these notes and play them, makes more sense to me. Much of my work is comprised of hymns and not other types of compositions and so those who complained "bitterly" may have had good reasons. Thank you for helping me.

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Not sure what you mean - it asks you if you want to reset, if you've done a lot of manual positioning that you need to keep, just answer "no". but in most cases, the manual positioning you did won't make sense in MuseSore 3 because the default position is so much better, the manual adjustments done to work around deficiencies in MuseScore 2 end up being counterproductive.

But if you've got questions about this process, or a score you'd like help with, best to start a new thread for that topic.

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