trailing measure is not a measure?

• Sep 30, 2019 - 01:33

I just installed 3.2.3 on Windows 10 and opened an old score that I had never quite finished from a long time ago (a much older version of Musescore). It complained about the final measure.

When I go to have a look, I see three of the four staves are correct and the fourth is just empty. The problem is, I cannot do anything with this measure. I cannot insert a note, I cannot delete it, I cannot select it at all, I cannot select it as part of a range of measures, etc. It seems to be there but not really a measure.

Also, somewhat related (simple) question: I have been searching the docs for how to split a measure but only for one of the staves. I know this must be easy, but I cannot find it. When I try to split the penultimate measure on the bad staff, it splits all four staves at that measure. How do I operate on only one of the staves?


You wrote:
The problem is, I cannot do anything with this measure.

Please post the score showing the problematic measure.
Right now, no one here can do (or try) anything either.

As for splitting, perhaps you mean something different from what MuseScore means. What MuseScore means is divide the measure into two - so a 4/4 measure becomes two separte 2/4 measure (or a 1/4 and a 3/4, or a 3/8 and a 5/8, etc). It would virtually never make musical sense to do this for only one staff. So my guess is you mean something else. Again, if you attach your score, and describe what you are trying to do in more detail, we can understand and assist better.

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I removed all but the last few measures in order to upload my piece. Ignore the pitches, some of which got messed up by this operation, and ignore the fact that the penultimate bar line is not the kind of bar line it should be.

The point is, the rogue measure is still there in the baritone voice. It cannot be selected or manipulated as far as I can tell.

As for splitting, I'm really just asking how to perform any measure operation on a single staff, whether that be removing a measure, adding a measure, etc.

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Since the rogue measure cannot be selected you can...

  1. Use menu item: Add -> Measures -> Append One Measure
  2. In the Baritone staff, click the measure before the rogue measure, copy its contents to the clipboard and then Shift click the appended measure. (The selection will now include the rogue measure.)
  3. Press Delete. The rogue measure will now display a rest.
  4. Paste the copied contents back and Ctrl + Delete the appended measure.

Do you have any idea how that (rogue) measure became completely empty?

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You can't remove or add a single measure on a single staff, because that would result in one staff having a different number of measures than the rest. I'm guessing what you really mean is, you want to take the music that is on that staff and move it a measure earlier (what you might have thought of as "deleting" a measure) or a measure later (what you might have thought of as "adding" a measure). Those tasls are easy enough - just select the music you want to move, cut, click where you want to move it to, paste. Same process for moving forwards or backwards a measure as any other move of musical content, including from staff to staff. Again, if you attach the score you are wanting to edit (same one as this?) and explain what exactly you are trying to do, we can understand and assist better.

The bad measure in the example you attached here is corrupt, as explained above. This happens occasionally, and it happened a lot more often with older versions of MuseScore, so chances are good that the bug that caused this is fixed by now. But you'll still need to repair this file, and instructions listed above should work in this case. Here are some other suggestions for repairing such a file:

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