display on very big screens (classroom whiteboard)

• Oct 2, 2019 - 12:14


I Use MuseScore in my classroom, on a quite big screen (65"). I adapted the display configuration for everything to be bigger (otherwise icons, text, and quite everything is as small than on a normal computer screen).

It works fine with about all the applications, but not MuseScore. All the buttons on the ribbon (like the "N" button, the rhythm buttons...) are tiny. Attached, the look of Word and MuseScore on my display.

Is there any way to configure MuseScore for big displays?

Thank you :-)

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My wife works for a company that sells something similar to what you have. The problem is MS on the Windows system? As cool as built in systems are, they do have limitations. Especially in an educational environment. My guess is that if you had MS on a laptop and hooked that up to your panel, that the display would be proper. Without knowing anything about what the windows system is, or what the IT people did to it, it's hard to know just how to help. Anything you can tell might help.

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FWIW, I've run this way (laptop connected to display) on a couple of different smartboards, and it has indeed worked fine. but the command line options should allow for running natively on the smartboard as well, in theory - never used one that had the option to install software internally.

Apparently you have a Promethean Board. I am looking into various ways to help you. What country are you in? There also may be updates to your board that might need to be done. Select the Promethean icon down in the lower right on your task bar, next to the Adobe icon. Select Control Panel. Scroll to the bottom of that page and tell us what driver version you are on.

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