Opening Multiple Sheets

• Oct 3, 2019 - 06:57

Is there a way to open multiple sheets in the Start Center?


Doesn't look like it, but of course you can click the button "Open a score" and Shift/Ctrl select multiple files for opening. That might be a decent feature request to allow [ctrl]/[shift] + [click]ing multiple preview scores in the Start Center.

It's not totally clear what is being asked, but you can open as many scores as you want. You may have to do the act one at a time, but the scores all remain open, in different tabs.

When I open Musescore the "Start Center" box is open showing sheets I've had open. I can only open one sheet at a time. I would like to select several of the sheets to open at once rather than click-open-click-open-.... Seems like an obvious action to do from the "Start Center", definitely falls short of being useful.

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True you can I let select one at a time from the Start Center. My point is that you can still have multiple scores open at once. And you don't necessarilyhave to do it one at a time. See Edit / Preferences for other startup options. You can multiselect in your file browser and open them all in MuseScore at once. Different tools for different jobs.

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And for what it's worth, software like LibreOffice apparently doesn't let the user select more than one document at a time in their preview-like "start center" either, so it seems sort of 'default' behavior at times, yet still this is useful to give a quick glimpse-eye view of something to differentiate rather than text-based filenames. Although, check-boxes or lasso-like/mult-select behavior wouldn't be a bad implementation in the future.

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