Enlarged hardcopy is truncated

• Oct 4, 2019 - 16:19

I generally enlarge MuseScore 3 notes to make the printed notes easier to read. I do this by changing the “Staff space” (Format > page settings > “Staff space”) to 2.2mm from the default 1.764mm.

Question: is this the best approach to enlarging hardcopy notes under MuseScore?

Problem: While the on-screen display is easy to read at 2.2mm, I often find the top of the hardcopy score is truncated. (See Screen and Hardcopy attachments). What do I need to adjust in MuseScore so the hardcopy prints as one would expect? (and the enlarged note size is retained)



Attachment Size
Screen.pdf 29.82 KB
Hardcopy.pdf 11.56 KB


I would look at the page settings in the PDF printer (or you actual printer) to see if the page is the same size as you have in page settings. It sounds like MuseScore is set to A3 and your printer paper is Letter size. If this is true, you do not have the option set to reduce the size of the PDF to fit on the actual paper. All PDF view programs I know of give you this option.

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