Transposing parts woes

• Oct 5, 2019 - 19:43

I'm making some broken consort style arrangements, and making parts is thwarting me.

I have a simple trio. I want Part 1 in treble clef C, Bb, F, and bass clef C. I want Parts 2 and 3 in those same clefs/keys (for a total of 12 parts). But when I change the part, it changes the score (and also any other part that uses the same score part as a reference).

What's my solution/work-around?


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I have a score at concert pitch, and I want it to stay like that. I want to create 4 new parts, all for Part 1: one at concert pitch, one transposed for instruments in Bb, one transposed for instruments in F, and one in bass clef. But when I transpose the part to Bb, the score and all 3 other Part 1s change to Bb. And so on when I change it to F and bass clef.

This problem is going to be exponentially more annoying once I'm doing 10 and 12 part broken consorts.

Does this clarify?

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Attaching the actual scor, and giving a precise description of the problem in terms of what we'd need to click/press/do with the score in order to understand would clarify far better.

If you have a score at concert pitch, nothing you do in a part should ever change that. But, if you literally transpose a part that is, use a command like Tools / Transpose to move it into another key - then the score will indeed be transposed also. You shouldn't be using Tools / Transpose to get the parts transposed, you should have staves whose transposition is already set before you generate the parts, then simply toggle the Concert Pitch button as necessary (which it normally won't be, as the part will automatically have Concert Pitch turned off by default.

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But then wouldn't I have to have a twelve part score, one for each key/clef combination I want? It's just three voices...

And actually, I am just using the Tools>transpose button. Is there any way to unlink the parts from the score, so I can easily turn a three-voice piece into 12 parts of varying transpositions/clefs without having to export every single one individually? Not looking forward to turning 10 voices into 40 individually exported parts...

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I'm not sure, as I said, we'd be able to understand far better if you actually attached a score. Probably there is a way to get what you want just using the normal instrument transposition facility, but it just isn't clear yet as it seems you are somehow doing something different from the norm, not exactly sure what or why.

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OK, I get what you are doing now. For this special purpose, I do think having twelve staves in the score is the way to go. Enter your music onto staves 1, 4, 7, and 10, set up the rest of the staves to have the appropriate transpositions then use Tools / Explode to reproduce staff 1 on 2 & 3, 4 on 5 & 6, etc. One of your "parts" could be a version of the score with only staves 1, 4, 7, and 10, so you don't even have to mess with making things invisible. Certainly no need to mess with exporting things or "unlinking" anything. Just set up a template that way and you can reuse it over and over.

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