how to put a downward arrow ABOVE an accent?

• Oct 6, 2019 - 18:26

just updated to the newest version of musescore, but now I can't have my downward arrow to be ABOVE an accent, which is annoying. How do I do this?

Also, I'm notating for drumset and for my second voice (which is designated for hi hat foot and bass drum) I need to put a whole rest at times but I can't move it to the center of the measure for voice #2. How do I do this?


Like others I'm not sure what you mean about a downward arrow - do you mean a staff text you have created that includes such a symbol? Or maybe something you've added from the "Symbols" palette? I guess the MDL extension provides such a symbol on one of its palette?

Anyhow, the default positioning rules place symbols closer to the notes than articulations. If you'd like to change this, press "=" to disable automatic placement for the arrow, or use Alt+drag when moving it which does the same.

Nevermind about the downward arrow thing, I decided to just find a different way to do what I needed to do.

I have this situation (view attached picture) where the half rest is not centred between beat 1 and 2. How do I make it centred between those beats?

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