Playback glitches

• Oct 9, 2019 - 05:57

When playing any score of any ensemble size, solo or full symphonic, at some point the playback will begin to slow waaaaaay down to what sounds like a byte by byte glitchy- 8 bit audio. I already reset to factory settings and it didn't change it. I am not using any soundfonts other than the original now because I thought that might have been the issue, but it changed nothing. I've seen people attach scores to these to show how exactly the issue can be reproduced, but it happens on every score.


Presumably your system is just bogged down - too many other processes running and using CPU / RAM. Rebooting may help. Or just closing other programs, letting MuseScore run longer so it gets prioritized higher by the OS, etc.

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did that, nothing over 30-40 MB was running. Musescore was the biggest thing at 460 something megabytes. The program still has issues. I am using two soundfonts, both provided my the Musescore website; the sonatina orchestra and the HQ orchestral soundfont collection. only the woodwinds are using the sonatina while the rest are on the HQ.

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It might help to know the I/O settings.

I am having a similar issue, but my issue is related to some MuseScore_General.sf3 patches - the only Soundfont loaded. I have 8 instruments in a work, one of them is an organ.

I have trouble with the organ when using the Drawbar Organ patch (my preference here) or the Detuned Organ patches. It is the same whether I use the normal or expressive patches.

If I isolate that instrument with those patches as solo (only that instrument plays) or as muted (only everything else plays), the playback is fine using any API but also rather pointless.

As soon as I combine that instrument with any others (even just one playing one note very occasionally), I get the glitches as described using the WDM-KS API. Using any other API with that instrument combined with any other instrument, the audio is clear but the rhythm is all over the place and the instruments are out of sync, even within themselves in polyphony. This is the same if I have many apps running or just MuseScore.

If I use the Rock Organ patch (NOT the one I'd prefer to use) or various woodwind substitute patches (definitely NOT preferred), I can play all instruments together just fine with an even tempo and crisp, synchronized polyphony. In this situation, I can run many other apps with no effect on MuseScore.

This issue is duplicated on 3 different machines.

So, the issue involves specific patches for me.

(I have no MIDI device and the MIDI Input button is toggled off. MuseScore rev. d2d863f. Windows 10 64-bit 1903. 16GB RAM. 4th, 5th, and 7th generation Intel i7.)

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