Symphonic Sounds - update 13/10/2019

• Oct 13, 2019 - 01:29

I would like to share some edits I've made in this SoundFont to make it possible to work with Single Note Dynamics (SND). It is a work in progress, but it is already usable. The updated file can be downloaded from:
Pleas tell me if you have issues in downloading or using this file.

I know – clouds are not an appropriate place to share, files there are usually not so safe there. Another problem is with versioning: sf2 files are a big pack of many instruments. If people perform updates and share them, it's hard to track and merge all updates together. A good solution for these both problems would be GitHub, for example, but I only did a tiny part of the development, so I'm not sure if I could start a repository there so everyone could contribute. But SF2 files are also not as good as SFZ files for opensource projects.

I basically created new presets and configured them to operate with MIDI Continuous Controller 2 (CC2). There is no new instrument or sample in this pack. But I had to change some parameters on some instruments to make, for example, fake velocity layering on cc2 (cc2 layering, actually ;) ) possible. But it doesn't affect the original instruments. Some instruments I didn't consider because of poor quality of the samples, but rare instruments (like Eb Clarinet, Euphonium, Flügelhorn) I included regardless of the quality. I still want to include the Alto Flute, but it has some defect samples I'll try to repair manually later.

Whenever I update something I'll post it here. Please do it as well :)


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Either you put the file in your MuseScore folder, which should be: Documents/MuseScore3/SoundFonts
Or you leave it in another folder and add it to the search path: on MuseScore edit -> preferences -> General tab -> Folders section -> SounFonts – click on the pencil and add the search path.
I think that either way you have to restart MuseScore. To load the file, go to view -> synthesiser and add it on the tab Fluid.

Another question. When I use the pizz in the string instruments, instead of the pizz sound it sounds like brass or something like that, What do I have to do to make it not sound like this?

Thank you for this great soundfont, but i have a weird problem with it. When i open a project the playback wont work at first. I have to click on a note to have that particular instrument function with the playback. That means I have to click on notes from every single instrument in the partiture so I can hear the full playback. Do you know what might cause that?

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