adding accent-staccato articulation to Shortcuts section of Preferences list

• Oct 15, 2019 - 19:38

I love using keyboard shortcuts, especially for stuff I use a lot, and the newly added accent-staccato articulation is one of them. However, when I went into the Shortcuts section of Preferences, Toggle accent-staccato is not on the list of available functions to assign a shortcut to. Please add this ASAP.

Also, don't tell me to just add a staccato and an accent separately to the same note or chord. They don't look the same visually, and the staccato is completely ignored during playback, instead of playback utilizing both like with the accent-staccato articulation.


There is still a lot of work being done on the palettes so shortcuts on demand, which would allow for this, may one day be a reality. I would very much like to see that happen.

In the mean time, submit a suggestion at and set the priority to S5 - suggestion and keep everything else as a default and someone may one day add this to the list of definable shortcuts.

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