Missing bar line with horizontal frame

• Oct 19, 2019 - 08:48

I think i found a little bug in the software: when I use a horizontal frame (in order to slip down the staff after a certain bar) IF the first bar of the next one has the 'start RITORNELLO' symbol, the previous bar (that one is floating at the upper level) has no bar line at the end. Tried to print or to export the pdf, but the problem persists. I noticed that the problem comes up only when I use the 'start riturnel' on the second staff, and I think it depends on the software automatically hides the previous bar line, in order to preventing overlapping, when in the second bar a "start riturnel" is used. I hope I managed to understand the cause. I attached a screenshot.
Thanks a lot for this great software, I hope I gave you a little contribute with this report.
Schermata 2019-10-02 alle 01.01.57.png


I can confirm. There doesn't even need to be a line break: measure, horizontal frame, measure with start repeat will fail to draw the barline. I know we skip drawling barlines at the end of a measure if the start repeat follows immediately, I guess we aren't checking for frames somewhere that we need to be,

Can you file an official bug report to the issue tracker (eg, Support / Issue tracker above, or Help / Report a Bug from MuseScore)?

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