musescore seems to junked a file

• Oct 24, 2019 - 04:41

I had a score already to print out then the machine froze, I tried looking the next day - see attached screen shot, and the file was 0 bytes. Does this mean that the file has gone forever and I have to redo a weeks work?

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Autosaved version have an auto-generated name, "sc*.mscz"
Last saved version: a file named ".filename.mscz," (starting with a dot, ending with a comma). _This backup file will not be modified during your session, and if MuseScore crashes, it should contain the score as it was at the start of the session_.

I seem to have had the same problem - score I was working on has been wiped - when I open it there are no notes, just a blank stave. Did you manage to recover yours?

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I assume that is some version of Linux, but I don't know which, or how to tell you how to find hidden files. But there should certainly be hidden files starting with "." corresponding to each and every file you've ever worked on in that folder. That said, MsueScore 2 was definitely pretty buggy in terms of creating bogus zero-length files or losing autosave files, MuseScore 3 is much better, so when you have the chance, definitely that would reduce the chances of this happening again.

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If this user could find out the common denominator of what he's doing when he gets 0 filled files it might give us an insight to the actual bug. He seems to be having the problem more than anyone I've seen report it before.

The problem occurs far less in version 3, but we've been led to believe it does occasionally happen in version 3.

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Sorry, maybe it's not relevant but...
Since I migrated to Linux, especially in the early days, I found *.mscz files (including backups) in the most diverse places. Some of them reside on the desktop and are not visible unless you access Computer/Desk.

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Understood. If you can keep an eye on this and let us know if it happens again. Try to see what the files might have in common or what you did different when it gets trashed. Perhaps one that didn't get junked could give some insight as to why the other one did. This is quite a mystery that everyone would like solved.

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