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• Oct 24, 2019 - 21:31

is there a way to record the audio playback along with or even separately from the score and send it to someone or post online


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ok. finally figured it out. i copied the score as .pdf and copied it also as .mp3.

However, i gather i can't copy a score that can play also on a thumb drive; is this correct? i gather the only way to have this is to put it online, or is there some way to put a score than has audio with it onto a thumb drive?

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i am trying to put the notated score on a thumb drive that will have audio. i can as i said do a .pdf and see the written score and i can do the .mp3 and listen to it, but those are separate files; i want to know if i can put a notated score with audio like the playback on musescore or when posted online on a thumb drive, or not.

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If you want to play the score the same way you do on your computer, you can put the .mscz file on the thumb drive and open it on another computer with MuseScore loaded on that computer. If you want to transfer the PDF and MP3 to a thumb drive and be able to look at the PDF and hear the song with the two synced (similar to how online works), that can't be done.

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They are currently working on making a portable version of MuseScore 3. When this is done, you will be able to install the program on a thumb drive along with the score and be able to play it on any computer capable of playing that version of MuseScore. To clarify, the score can be put on a thumb drive and used by windows, mac or linux. When the portable program is released only computers the program is made for will be able to use that program.

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