thumb drive

• Oct 29, 2019 - 03:51

can someone tell me how to put a copy of a score with the audio on a thumb drive?

thank you.


Simply use your computer's file utilities (eg, Windows Explorer) to copy the file there the same way you would any other computer file. Not sure what you mean about audio, though. A score doesn't have audio. If you want to create an audio file, use File / Export and choose one of the audio formats.

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Probably you accidentally the file name in a way that triggered the rename facility - this wors different depending on your specific OS, and for Windows, which specific version of Windows and also whether you have the option enabled to allow single click to open a file.

None of this has anything to do with MsueScore, though, it's more basic computer management stuff, and you're better off going elsewhere for help with that.

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Are you using a Mac or a PC (Windows).
PC: Muse score would have saved an MP3 in the "Scores" folder. This folder is in This PC/Documents/MuseScore/Scores. Or you can have Windows search your hard drive for your score. Place the cursor over the mp3 and right click. Copy should be an option.

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