Voice 2 Fingerings position just below in TAB Stave

• Oct 25, 2019 - 12:08

what’s link here #283180: TAB Fingerings positioned wrongly

Thanks for Marc,
Voice 1 Fingerings positioned ‘below Staves’ and it’s very fine :)

What I’m not quite sure if it’s by design is,
Voice 2 fingerings place just below TAB’s numbers within staves.
And when measures contain multiple voices (1&2),
Voice 1 fingerings position just above TAB’s numbers.

In my case, I often encounter situation like this,

It’s quite messed up and need to reposition these fingerings.
I know there are no ‘perfect position’ for TAB’s fingerings but I prefer ;

Voice 2, or multiple voices fingerings always position below staves.
Thank you so much !

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Even though this is great feature for me, (especially when I teach people who cannot read standard staff)
Fingerings in TAB staff is probably unusual (I never seen in printed sores..) and probably there are no specific rule for it.

Let me keep talking about it.

It become even worse when I put RH fingerings in voice 2 or multiple voices
Conflict between LH&RH fingerings.
(I don’t put RH fingerings on TAB normally though.)


My proposal is, put LH&RH Fingerings all in below staff in any cases (voice1&2 or multiple voices)
(Above Staff, there may easily conflict with lyrics.)


Does Anyone have any suggestions ?

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In response to this comment: https://musescore.org/en/node/295404#comment-965828
Basically, as I have expressed it in a related thread, I think that the dual display of fingering in the standard staff and Tab staff are redundant and really too much! It's one or the other, in my opinion. Otherwise, the player/student does not stop navigating on sight between various staves when the information is the same. And so, I'm not sure that it really does him any good in the end. That being said, I can understand your point of view. But I am neither a developer nor a decision-maker.

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Hi Cadiz, Thank you for your comment! vey much Appreciated.

Even though fingerings are displayed in standard&TAB staff in the above picture,
I normally hide fingerings in standard staff and only display in TAB staff,
so it’s not redundant.
I wish my pupils start to learn how to read Standard Staff, but some of them are really no interest to
and that’s why this fingerings in TAB feature is very useful for me.

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