No sound in MuseScore 3.3 RC1-3 after waking up from hibernation (Windows 10, 1903)

• Oct 28, 2019 - 13:18

It occurs again and again that after waking the system from hibernation or suspend mode, no sound is played back. It affects MuseScore 3.3 RC1-3, but no other applications. So Windows doesn't seem to be to blame. Not only is the sound missing, it is as if something is hanging after pressing the Play button, there is also no playback line (or as you call it), i.e. there is no playback of the notes at all, not even noiselessly.
Has there been a major change in the audio engine since 3.2.3 (or earlier, in 3.2.3 the problem probably already existed, I will verify that again)? Or was there a newer version of Qt?
The workaround is Restart Audio and MIDI Devices. But this is no fun. Also, after pressing the Reset button and the OK button, the following happens:
Anmerkung 2019-10-28 134956.png
I thought the menu bars might reset if I changed the window size, but as a result MuseScore crashed completely yesterday.
P.S.: MuseScore was of course still open at the time of the hibernation/suspend and was also put to sleep.

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No changes to the audio system I am aware of, and while we updated the version of Qt we use on Windows, it's not really involved. Whatever is going on seems unique to your particular system - I haven't heard other reports of this. Could be something like, after waking up from hibernation, one of your audio drivers is resetting in a way that is similar to what happens when you connect a new device, and this triggers MuseScore to need you to restart its own audio via Edit / Preferences / I/O. Other programs that don't need to be reset on on change of device would naturally also not need to be reset after hibernation, if this thery is correct.

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Maybe it really is a unique system-related experience. What made me suspicious was the fact that at some point before version 3.2.3 there were no such problems. That's why I assumed that something had been changed in the audio engine or something like that. Of course, a Windows update could also be responsible for this.
What I have tried so far:
(1) I uninstalled all installations of MS 3.x and now only use the 3.3 RC3. Besides, version 1.3+2.3.2 are still installed (I think that doesn't cause any problems, it never did in the past).
(2) My speaker is a sound bar fixed to the monitor and connected via USB. It was connected to the monitor USB hub all the time, now it is connected directly to the PC. The USB devices should be directly available as soon as Windows wakes up from its Sleeping Beauty nap. With the other configuration, it might have made a difference which device (monitor or PC) was turned on first.
So far it seems to be working, I'll keep watching.

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