MuseScore 3.3 Bug: Saving causes barlines to reset

• Nov 1, 2019 - 13:52

I've started a new score, and I've noticed that if I drag barlines down to group instruments together, the barlines reset when I save. Resetting causes them to appear as they should again.

EDIT: Barlines also appear as they should again upon making an edit. It's not a huge bug, but it could confuse people as it did me.


It's not really clear what you mean, barlines should work well in current versions of MuseScore (prior to 3.1 there were known problems indeed). Can you attach a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem>

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Can you tell me which barlines you are having trouble extending? I see the woodwinds connected, also the brass, the harp, and the strings. If I double-click and extend the barline at the end of bar 2 to encompss all winds, save, and reload, it works as expected.

Was the score started in an older version, perhaps? If so the barlines may have already been corrupted by the bugs in whatever version was used. Reverting to factory settings is unlikely to make a difference, but resetting the problem barlines might, if you continue to have problems

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I'm trying to reproduce the problem, but I'm not doing the right thing apparently. Could you start with the score you uploaded and give step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? Be specific. Adjust the barline after the 2nd measure isn't specific enough. Extend the barline after the 2nd measure from the bassoon to the horn is sufficient.

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Well, I'll try:
1. Open attached score
2. Make an edit in measure 4
3. Save. The barlines after measure 4 suddenly appear as if the barlines were never dragged down, for lack of a better way of explaining it. Making another edit or resetting makes them appear as they should again until the next save.

I should probably also mention I'm using GeneralUser GS and Irina Brochin for the voice, if that means anything.

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Could you explain exactly what edit you are making? Which staff? And how - double click and drag? Inspector? Palette? Again, it works fine for me with everything I try. Here's an example:

1) double click the barline at the end of ms 4 (first measure of page 2), on the Bsn I-II staff
2) drag it down to encompass both brass staves
3) Esc
4) verify barline is correctly extended throughout the score
4) save
5) reload

For me it works perfectly. I've attached the result.

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