Unable to tie more than 2 notes

• Nov 2, 2019 - 02:08
Reported version
S3 - Major
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1) Use note input mode to produce multiple notes (3)
2) Press Escape to take out of note input mode
3) select the first note
4) Hold down the ctrl key and select the 2nd and 3rd notes
5) click on the slur key, or use the + key
Tie (or slur) appears on the first note only.


Status active needs info

I'm not quite understanding what you mean here - are the notes you are entering three notes of different pitch on the same chord, three notes of the same pitches entered consecutively, or something else? Either way, what you are describing is not the correct way to create a tie - you are supposed to press the tie button while still in note mode, and it enters the note and tie for you together. See the Handbook under Ties for more information

If after reading about how it supposed to work you still feel some aspect is not working correctly, please give more details about the notes you are entering. Ideally, attach a score showing what you have after the first step, then tell us exactly which notes you are selecting.

@Marc Sabatella : Well, while in note input mode, things definitely are supposed to work as you describe and, in fact, do work.

But ties can also be entered "after the fact" in "normal mode", by selecting a note head and pressing "+" to tie it with the first following note of the same pitch or "s" to slur it to the next note.

If multiple note heads are selected and "+" is pressed, each note is tied to the next note of its same pitch; if all the notes are in a row and of the same pitch (which is the only case actually making sense), each note is tied to the next.

if "s" is pressed, a single slur is created from the first note head selected to the last one.

I'm testing this in 3.3 and it seems to me that everything works as it is intended to work.

Right, I should have been more clear: while entering ties in note input mdoe is the usual way, it does work to enter them in normal mode as well, and as far as I can tell works correctly. But, indeed, if we are talking about three notes chords and you use the slur instead of the tie, you will 9correctly) get only a single slur. So that may well be what was meant. Anyhow, hopefully the OP can clarify.