change the default playback sound

• Nov 2, 2019 - 03:18

I want to change the default sound when Musescore opens to something other than piano... for example clarinet. I can do this with the mixer but when I re-open Musescore it goes back to piano.


The default score is there for playing around, but to create your own score, you really should be using File / New and selecting the instrument. If you intend to often want to write for solo clarinet, so much so that you want a one-staff clarinet score to open by default, create such a score, and go to Edit / Preferences and tell MuseScore to open this score by default.

Change your soundfonts in the synthesizer under the fluid tab so the first one has the instrument you want to hear listed first in the sounds it contains. This is the default sound you hear if MuseScore does not find the sound for the instrument. So if you have only Kazoo, Clarinet and Trombone in the soundfont, anything not a Clarinet or Trombone will sound like a Kazoo.

Thanks everyone... problem solved following the first comment by Jojo. I just use a dummy score as default that has the instrument sound of a clarinet... then I just open whatever music I want to practice. I use Musescore as a violin teacher-tutor and it much easier to learn the tune by ear using the "clarinet" sound rather than the piano sound. I do not write for clarinet.

A slight variation on this question. Most new files I create I select Piano +SATB because I want the members of our ensemble to recognize what parts to sing. BUT, I don't want the default sound of 'Choir Ahs'. I want them all to be grand piano by default. It is tedious to go back and change them all. Can I change the default for the SATB parts to grand piano?

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