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• Nov 4, 2019 - 15:15

My name is Vladislav.
I am a student of the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts.
I am a 4th year student, playing the button accordion.
In my free time, I write music.
Until recently, I wrote the notes of my compositions in sibelius.
But now I began to study MuseScore.
Now I am writing a MuseScore textbook in Russian for our academy and blind students.
Can I use your materials?
I would like to help your team translate the manual pages, pages of your website in russian, as well as testing the availability of MuseScore for blind users.
Sorry for my poor English :), but if you have a person with whom you could speak Russian, I would be very happy about this.
Thank you very much!
Regards, Vladislav.


As you may be aware, MuseScore 3.3 - just released last week - is a big leap forward in accessibility for blind musicians. Do be sure to check out the Accessibility section of the Handbook. I do plan to produce additional tutorials and information for blind musicians, although we continue to make improvements and I expect 3.3.1 will be even better. Are you blind yourself? Or do you know blind musicians using MuseScore already?

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Now I am writing a textbook in Russian for my academy, based on the manual and its section for the blind for MuseScore 3.
I am a blind musician from birth.
Many friends ask me about music editors and how to work with them.
Therefore, I want to make a manual in Russian, introduce it in our academy and help other blind musicians learn.
Now many blind musicians are trying to work in Sibelius in Russia, but this is sibelius 5 and very old scripts under JAWS.
Sibelius version 7.5.1 does not meet the requirements, although I myself have been composing music for 8 years and writing notes the same time.

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Can I use the manual's materials and the section for blind musicians as the basis for my textbook?
Of course I will not copy material, I only need hot keys and descriptions for them.
Can I use MuseScore at the institute?
Does the license allow this?
And how can I help you test MuseScore for the blind?

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It doesn't matter that much which forum, but I guess the best choice is the "Development and Technology Preview" forum. Normally we do recommend separate topics because discussion of long lists of suggestions can become hard to follow otherwise. But I expect there will be some overlap, so maybe best is to separate things out by general subject - like all suggestions relating to improving what the screenreader actually reads in one topic, all suggestions relating to navigating by keyboard in another, etc. Just use your best judgment, we'll figure it out.

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