A silly question, but...

• Nov 9, 2019 - 01:05

Hi, gang!!!

I use MuseScore 3.2.3, with Ubuntu Studio 19.10 (64 bits Linux).

Even the fact I've been using Musescore since a while... Today, just today, I discovered something I had never seen before (and I guess it is there since a time, hehehe!):

In the "STAFF/PART PROPERTIES" panel, there is a box marked as: "Use dynamics in single notes".

Even the fact I assume it is working... I wonder if this button job is more important than the SYNTHESIZER DYNAMICS presets...

Or... One thing needs the other? ???

Just a silly question from someone who didn't see that box before.

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



This was added in version 3.1 when single note dynamics were added to the program. This makes it rather new. This is an override to turn off single note dynamics if you want to for some reason.

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