Miss MIDI channel settings for multitracks and keyboard MIDI files

• Nov 9, 2019 - 11:09

I rediscovered musescore and thank you for your good work in the project!
However, I really miss a MIDI function: own or imported MIDI files that have several instruments in one MIDI channel combined or piano recordings often have left and right hand together in one channel. Musascore automatically splits the notes into violin and bass notes. Unfortunately, musescore can not be changed in the MIDI input console or via the mixer (because only one instrument is displayed there).

But it would be very useful and nice, you could make a channel assignment there (in other apps like "Smart Pianist") to get the scores for left and right hands displayed correctly or turn on and off in learning and exercise programs can.


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No, the mixer can not do that. Maybe you misunderstood me ...
With the mixer I can change any existing channel to another channel MIDI port and / or MIDI channel, that's right.
However, when I load MIDI files, there are often several instruments in a single channel. Or an instrument (piano) was only recorded in one channel. MuseScore splits when displaying the violin clef and bass clef notes, but there is only one instrument in the mixer, so I can not put the bass notes (left hand) on another channel. For this I have to use other programs first and then continue to work with MuseScore.

The automatic separation of a single MIDI channel on the sheet music should also be assigned to a new channel.

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The amount of interaction required to change this doesn't change at all with the length of the score.
It's still adding that one instrument.
It's still a single copy and paste from first instrument to new.
And It's still a single remove of the now additional staff of the first instrument.

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Thank you, after some helpless attempts I was able to copy the bass note line into a new instrument with the help of the navigator. I find it relatively complicated to handle and to export the result to a usable MIDI file is another very different thing. Without the intermediate step "xml" extreme errors occur in complicated pieces of music. But I have to deal with this topic even closer. A simple assignment of the displayed staves to a new channel would be really good.

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