My first experience. Mozart. Duet Alto & Tenor SAX

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This is not a reasonable place to post this; this forum ("Made with musescore") is a historical relic. The right place to post this where people will see it and comment on it and appreciate it is in a group on This is, which is for discussions of the desktop music notation software. Good luck, and enjoy musescore!

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Could you elaborate on how you perceive this forum to differ from the groups on .com, and what scores would be more appropriate posted here than there? Playing my own Devil's advocate, I'd suggest scores that use MS in a new, different, or unusual way, i.e., other than musical content (such as my textbook-resembling scores); .org is the coding workshop— .com is the concert hall.

There is nothing wrong with posting a piece here since it's purpose is to allow fro posting scores. It just that you will get a lot more views if you post it on .com in an active group.

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There is no such here thing as "views". You cannot view or play a score here. You have to download it (and have a functioning application and know how to use it). You can indeed set up a chair and play the guitar and sing in a gas station, or by the side of a highway, but you will do a lot better in a coffeehouse. You might be able to buy some food at the pharmacy, but you will do a lot better at the supermarket (sorry if I have used this analogy before). By posting here, wanderers disadvantage no one but themselves.

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I don't see why the same argument doesn't apply to posting ".com" complaints here. Long ago, this was an appropriate place, and it's a natural error to make, and it doesn't hurt anyone. The people who do so by mistake are not likely to get the response they're looking for here, but, hey, that's the same as posting music in this forum. Yet, we, without exception, direct them to the right place.

Sorry that this isn't about the piece itself, but I think the .org subforum is there to help those without a pro account share their music. Of course, I could just make tons and tons of alts, but that's tiring on my part and unfair for those who bought pro. It's kinda sad that most of the stuff found here are questions about how to use MuseScore instead of actual music (or even weird threads like

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I disagree to close this subforum.

On the one hand, not each user has the financial capabilities to pay for a pro account (I'm not talking about me, more in general).

Above, I remember on a forum entry in this subforum, where an user created a score (=made with MuseScore), which has been published by a public publisher (IIRC "Bärenreiter"). Maybe that could be also posted in "General discussion", but in my opinion at least here it makes sense for this subforum.

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What's the use of posting it here if almost no one looks here? You can't direct outsiders to it, because they can't play or even see it unless they download the application, and if that's all what you want to do, you can post it on any general hosting site in the world. As real estate vendors say, "location, location, location."

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Concerning my second thought, I'm talking about this forum topic entry:

I'm sure, I wouldn't have notice it, when the user would have commented it on, and I don't think there's the right place.

Via crossreferencing: The DTP application Scribus has an own section on its homepage (

But what where would be the right place on for such reports (In my opinion neither on nor in "general discussions")?

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As partially mentioned, maybe you're right, but in general I wish to have an own section for it to show, what's all possible with MuseScore ( so that it will be noticed from user beside other discussions - without really being sure if this subforum would be the right place therefore ;-).

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Agree. But playing around with my thoughts, I also could imagine to have an own section on the musescore homepage (not sure about the capacities of the maintainers) of "made with MuseScore" (beside "download", "support", "contribute" and "activity"). There I could imagine to publish reports as mentioned (mscz files published by an official publisher), but also to point out other successful activities like "openscore", "open goldberg" and so on.

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