Disable automatic staff spacing formatting

• Nov 12, 2019 - 04:57

How would I disable the function that automatically spaces the staffs based on needed room in a score? I want to have uniform spacing on every page, but to do this automatic function cannot be on. Let me know if any further clarification is needed


Format / Style / Score, set the "Min. vertical distance" to a large negative value. This is the amount by which MuseScore tries to avoid collisions. So the result will be, no you get collisions, so, you'll still probably want to resolve them manually - and if you do that, you won't actually need that setting to be negative anyhow.

"I want to have uniform spacing on every page"
What exactly is your aim:
- to have uniform spacing between each staff?
- or to fill each page consistently so that the top and bottom staff fall at a similar place relating to top and bottom of page?

For uniform spacing between each staff: Format / Style / Score and increase "Min.system distance"
For filling each page consistently: Format / Style / Score and increase "Max.system distance"
To prevent page overflow: Format / Page Settings / Scaling and reduce the scaling a little

Initially I really disliked Automatic Placement, but now I only turn it off occasionally for a specific element (e.g. a long slur).

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