Crashing problems of time signature

• Nov 12, 2019 - 14:42

I set a 1/4 time signature, but then when I intended to change back to 3/4, I crashed in sudden. I tried again, it crashed again. When I intended to delete the 1/4 signature, I crashed again. Howe is that possible to be fixed?


Which version of MuseScore, what Operating system, sample score and exact steps to reproduce please.

Why would you want a 1/4 time sig anyway, rather than creating a pickup measure (where nominal and actual duration differ)?

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What you are describing does not happen in this way on a newly created score. Open this one: mesure.mscz
When changing the time signature, for 3/4, do you observe a crash? No. This means that the cause of the crash is basically elsewhere, corruption or other, and that it is specific to your score.
That's why we really need you to attach this score. Otherwise, we will remain in totally pointless comments and with an unnecessary waste of time for us all.

But as mentioned, the attached sample score or describing steps to reproduce would really be helpful to reproduce it for further assistance.

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