Measure numbers at the top of Continuous View

• Nov 13, 2019 - 05:40

It would be very helpful to have measure numbers float at the top of the working area when in Continuous View, much like the instrument names float at the left.


What's not clear to me is why continuous view should be special in this respect. The reason for the header at the left is that this info is normally present at the start of each system but you don't get this in continuous view.

Meanwhile, we already have the Timeline, and the status bar, that can show you more information about where you are in the score.

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You have a lot of control over measure numbers. You can turn them on for every staff and every measure if you like. Since there is little formatting done in continuous view it doesn't matter if you adjust their display when you are done entering the score, it will still be continuous view, so you can easily turn off or adjust measure numbers if you decide to use page view. You can even turn them blue if you want to.

To be honest, the long instrument names get in the way at times and I would be happy to turn them off, but I can't, so I adjust my canvas when they get in the way.

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My point is, this isn’t a page-vs-continuous issue, it’s an issue any time you are zoomed in too far to see top of system. So if it’s worth adding, it’s potentially worth doing for all views. Except the timeline already does this, maybe better to just make that more configurable.

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