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• Nov 13, 2019 - 06:39

I was just working on a large score when the program crashed. When reopened and asked if I wanted to recover my last score, I said yes, but nothing came up. I went to (~/Library/Application Support/MuseScore/MuseScore3/) to recover the file of the last autosave, but when I click to open it, an error message pops up saying it can't read the file.
(Cannot read file /Users/abby/Library/Application Support/MuseScore/MuseScore3/scu15056.mscz:
No such file or directory)
Using Mac OS Mojave and Musescore
The last autosave I have of this score is much older and has way less progress on it.
The file is attached.

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Use the backup file, which is hidden in the same folder as the normal score file, named with a dot at the beginning and a comma at the end. Remove these two and open with MuseScore.

This apparently is an autosave file (not sure whether you're aware)

your score indeed doesn't open in MuseScore. I don't understand why, 7Zip can open it and extract the mscx inside and MuseScore can open that, and save it as mscz again, which then opens, check the attached.

What seems to have gotten lost in your autosave file is the thumbnail. This seems normal and intentional for autosave files though

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