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• Nov 14, 2019 - 01:41

I uploaded a piece by PDF- Bach Concerto for Oboe and Violin in C minor and I am in the process of transposing the violin solo to Bb clarinet. In many places, the automatic recognition software made errors that I have gone through and corrected manually. Now, there is a page that ends and starts up on the next page, which I believe is typically known as a "page break", as well as having a number of lines inconsistent with other pages. I have looked through the forums for information on formatting and I have discovered how to manipulate margins and measures through the style and page settings menus. I also cannot get rid of the 4/4 symbol in measure 67 no matter what I do. I have made sure that the number of beats in the measure is consistent with 4/4 through measure properties. I would wholeheartedly appreciate anyone who can help with this as I am nearly done transposing the first movement of the piece. Much thanks in advance.

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The problems are fixed in this file bach1060transposition.mscz including the corrupt measure which was measure 113.

As far as the transposition is concerned, you shouldn't need to do anything except clean up the score as you are currently doing. That's just a fact of using the PDF import tool. The next step is to right click the staff, choose staff/part properties and then click the change instruments button and change the instrument from violin to clarinet. With the range of the instruments and the era of the piece there should be almost no rewriting of the score necessary. The only exception should be what to do about double stops.

Oh, what did I do to fix the problems? The corrupt measure (which was only a complete measure) I exchanged voices 1 & 2, selected the measure and pressed delete.

Measure 67. The measure after the 4/4 time sig. I turned off multi measure rests, inserted a new measure before the multi measure rest, selected the measure before and press r to copy it to the new measure I added. I then selected the original measure and pressed ctrl+delete to remove the measure and the bogus time sig disappeared.

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Mike, thanks so much. Thankfully there's no double stops in the piece so that won't be a problem. I'm going off of a pre-existing arrangement of the piece. I have changed the voice and made a number of corrections.

There's still one thing, though. I still can't format page 3 to be like page 2. How can I make the number of lines in the page and the point where it jumps to the next page be all the way at the bottom of the page? Is there a way to remove the space at the bottom of the page and make everything look the same as page 2? Thanks. I've attached the current version I'm working on.

Edit: Also, a more basic question, as I am very new to the program. Is there a way to remove triplets without deleting the notes? I've tried clicking on the 3 and then deleting but it just seems to delete all notes in the triplet.

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If you want fewer line on page 2, just add a page break after whichever line you want to be last - same as you'd do in a word processor. I could 10 systems on page 2, 7 on page 3, which adds up to 17, so it won't be completely even unless you also change page 1 or page 3, but putting the page break after the ninth system of page 2 makes sense to me.

Note sure what you mean about deleting a triplet. If you literally just removed the triplet bracket but left the notes, you'd have too many notes in the measure.

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Hi Marc, thanks a lot for the input. The main thing is that I want to remove the gap at the bottom of page 3. I don't want to add a page break anywhere, I want to remove the page break, more like. I want there to be at least 10 systems on every page, so if you could show how to remove the page break on page 3 that would be great. If the number of systems, or lines, could be increased to 11 that would be great, too. Otherwise, I want the format to resemble the original version (enclosed) as much as possible, if it could somehow be condensed to fewer pages. Right now I'm around rehearsal H, but already nearly three pages in. The original part for this movement is only three pages total. Thanks!
Edit: I'd actually found an older comment of yours here on adding systems:
I think the best thing for me to do would be to reduce the amount of space between systems.
Edit 2: I have managed to fix the issue with the number of systems thanks to your older comment but the page break issue remains. I wish to remove any and all page breaks that might appear in the piece. How would I do this?

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I noticed some double stops on the imported score, I guess those are mistakes from import and you can take care of those. As for the unnecessary triplets, you'll have to delete and reenter those, there is no way to simply convert them to normal notes. As for the page breaks you and Marc talked about. Select the measure or anything in it and press return and the page break will turn into a system break.

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