"V" key deletes notes in a balalaïka score

• Aug 15, 2014 - 13:36
Graphical (UI)
by design

1) New score for Prima Balalaïka (in all instruments, plucked strings): staff standard + linked Tab balalaïka staff

2) Enter notes (open strings) in the first measure

3) Select the notes that shares the same note heads. Like this:


4) Press "V" key

Expected result: the selected notes become invisible

Actual result: they are deleted. For the balalaïka (atypical tuning: E4-E4-A4), it could be a very good notation! Alas.


5) Save and reload the score

Result: notes deleted AND invisible.


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Now that you've set it invisible, the note flips back and should be under the other note. If you set one invisible, and immediately move the visible note at the same position up/down, you will see both. Even if the invisible note appears to overlay the visible one, it won't print.

At some point, for me, once the notes were overlapping they combined or the visible one got "deleted" and I could not separate them anymore.

Status (old) active by design

The intent is that by default, two unsion notes would display on opposite sides of the staff, and if you wanted to make one invisible, it would flip to the same side as the other so as not to take up room unnecessarily. So this is a feature, not a bug. The note isn't deleted - if it was, you wouldn't see it on the Tab staff either. It is just obscured by the other note on the standard staff. You can still use V, Shift-X, Edit Mode, and/or the Inspector to modify the two notes separately.