No MIDI Playback (but MIDI INPUT works) on Symphony Orchestra Template

• Nov 20, 2019 - 17:47

Hi, when I open a new document and just select "Grand Staff" and then try to play my MIDI keybord, I get piano playback and "blue notes lit up" on the on-screen keyboard, indicating everything works fine.

BUT THEN if I switch to my score which used the Symphony Orchestra template instead, I still get the "blue notes" lighting up on the on-screen keyboard when playing the MIDI keyboard but no sound comes out no matter what track I'm inputting on, what mixer channel I select, what MIDI Port or Channel I set those mixer channels to, etc.

I thought there might have been an issue with my file, so I started a brand-new Symphony Orchestra template project file: still no sound.

Switch back to the simple grand staff-only file, and playback works immediately.

What am I not realizing? Is it simply a bug or did I forget the right way to get sound playing back on MIDI keyboard play in a symphony orchestra template?


If no one here has a solution then how do I escalate this issue to Musescore customer support or something? It's a legitimate problem with probably an easy fix. I bought a keyboard specifically to help me Compose orchestral works in MuseScore so I'd really like an answer from someone.

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This is the only MuseScore support that exists. We're mostly users like you. Generally questions like your are answered rather quickly, but it seems no one who has looked at your question had an immediate answer, so they didn't respond. I'll put out a message so someone familiar with the issue can look into it and give you a possible solution. In the mean time, tell us which keyboard you have as this may be necessary information to give you a proper answer.

The title of this is different from the description, so I'm not quite sure which is the actual problem. Are we talking about what happens when you press play, or what happens when you input a note? Also, are you trying to use your keyboard for MIDI output (eg, to use its sounds instead of MuseScore's) , or are you talking about MuseScore's internal synthesizer for playback?

My best guess as to what you mean and what might be happening is that you are using your keyboard for MIDI output but it is set to ignore anything not on channel 1.

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Put in simplest terms, I'm:

  • Plugging a MIDI Keyboard into computer
  • Pressing the keys down
  • No sound happens when I press the keys down unless I'm pressing N to enter note input mode (undesirable)
  • But if I open a new empty project, pressing the keys plays a piano sound in real time
  • But if I open a new "Symphony Orchestra" template, pressing the keys does NOT play any sound on real time.
  • Thus, in both cases of files started from the Symphony Orchestra template (that's my score project + a brand new project to test that my score wasn't the problem), neither of them are playing sound when I press the MIDI keyboard keys, but without changing anything else, upon opening a new blank document (Grand Staff only), there will be sound when playing the MIDI keyboard.

My desired result is to hear sounds when selecting a given channel in my score project and when in any Symphony Orchestra template-based MuseScore 3.0 project.

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Your steps didn't mention when you started MuseScore, note this has to happen after plugging in the keyboard for this to work. But assuming that's the case, then I still need to knwo the answers to my other questions - are you using MIDI out to play through your keyboard, does playback of the score work, etc.

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Same problem happens to me.
Midi keyboard is plugged in when I start musescore.
When I open an orchestra template and position myself on an instrument to see how it sounds, when I play the keyboard that instrument doesn't sound.
The only way that instrument sounds is by inserting a note on its staff.
I have tried to enable and disable the midi input, but the problem remains the same.
There is no midi out in preferences

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I only use the Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard to put the notes in musescore. But I also use it to listen to what I am going to write and that is the main problem.
I don't really understand what the MIDI out is for. What should I put there?
Anyway I tried to change the midi out for microsoft wavetable synth, but it still doesn't work

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