Best way to 'shift' everything right?

• Nov 22, 2019 - 03:20

hey folks

i've had some situations where I decide i need a few extra beats of breathing room in a score; for instance - i want to 'shift' everything from beat 1 to beat 3 in a given measure, and have the rest of the score move with it.

I've done the poor job of inserting full measures, and then either making use of creative spacing or additional chords i dont need; when in fact i just need 2 beats.

whats the best way to accomplish this? if i had only a few staffs beyond this i could cut and paste - but ive got 9 pages of stuff after this so cut n paste is not a good option.



Sorry, cut and paste is currently the only option besides making this measure have 2 extra beats.

Here are a couple of possibilities for alternatives that I have not sufficiently tested or you may not like. You can insert the existing time signature into the next measure (to avoid messing up later notes) then inserting the time signature with 2 extra beats. The measure will automatically add 2 beats because of the time signature. you can them move the notes in that measure as needed. Save the score at this point in case the following leads to a disaster. Loading the saved score may be the only way to fix it. Here's what may lead to disaster. Remove the time signature in the next measure then remove the time signature with extra beats and see if this gives you the results you want without leading to a corruption or crash.

I proposed a fix for this at tonight. Feel free to check it out and comment.

You need an insert mode like lot of other people. There are current discussion (s) about finally implementing one, feel free to add your demand in these threads.

What's wrong with cut and paste? It takes exactly the same amount of time whether you want to move two measure or two hundred pages.

But also, do you really want to change which beats every single note falls on - notes four pages later you had originally thought were on beat one should surely still be on beat one? So you shouldn't actually want to cut and paste at all - you should just want to increase that one measure 6/4 (assuming it's 4/4 now), or insert a 2/4 measure. Neither of which requires moving anything else at all.

If that doesn't help, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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Oh Marc please you know perfectly what's wrong with cut and paste.
Just count the number of key strokes and compare with the simplicity of insert mode.
And, yes, as you have perfectly explained in you famous november 2016 post, once the the score is more or less finalized at notes level at one starts to work on refining the score and all type of things to do after notes are introduced, an insert mode (that you called graphical mode) doesn't make sense anymore.
But before that state, imagine you are copying a long score, make a note length mistake every 20 notes, then... You wish you were introducing that in Lilypond or Dorico where insert mode exists.

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Actually I don't know what's wrong with cut and paste - the specific issue mentioned had to do with the length of the passage, but I don't see how that's relevant. But more important, as I explained, I don't think insert mode is what is desired at all. Like I said, you almost certainly don't want nine pages music to suddenly change their beat assignments. Unless one really did enter nine pages of music erroneously, but that's not what was being described here. Read the original post again. I think it pretty plain that a simple 6/4 bar or 2/4 bar is what the OP needs, nothing more, nothing less. An insert mode would do nothing but screw up the score, taking notes that were correctly entered on their correct beats and moving them to incorrect beats. It might have value in some cases, but not here that I can tell.

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Then it would be so much more valuable to include your use case (if you can with an actual example) proving that cut-n-paste isn't the same amount of work to move notes regardless of how many you want to move (which, for the matter of correctness is a verifiable fact, not an opinion).

And then, posing your use case we can consider how to cater to it without breaking all existing use cases.

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