Adding accidentals has changed in 3.3.3

• Nov 27, 2019 - 11:25

Note: This is about note entry from the computer keyboard—not mouse entry.

Normally, in this mode of working, the only time you need to use the note-input toolbar is to add certain accidentals. However, the changes in 3.3.3 mean that accidentals are added from the toolbar in a different way to previous versions.

Create a treble staff score in C, say, then go into note-input mode.

In MS 2.3.2:
1. Add a B to the staff.
2. Now click a natural sign on the toolbar.

To do the same thing in MS 3.3.3:
1. Click the natural sign.
2. Add the B.
Alternatively in 3.3.3:
1. Add a B to the staff
2. Apply the accidental from the palette instead.

This is not the only difference: 2.3.2 allows you to return, in note input mode, to a previously added note and add an accidental from the toolbar "after the fact." However, 3.3.3 does not allow you to do this: you have to add the accidental from the palette instead. Or, alternatively step out of note-input mode and then add the accidental from the toolbar.


The first thing you describe was a deliberate change, but not new for 3.3.3, it was implemented for 3.3. The idea is to make the accidentals work the same way as other toolbar buttons like duration, voice, and rest: they affect the next note to be entered, not the previous one. So, a change for those of used to the old way, but more logical and consistent, which is a plus for new users.

But I don't understand the second thing. Certainly you can apply accidentals after the fact using the toolbar. In fact, it works better than before, now it's a toggle, and it shows the state of the selected note, again, more consistent with other toolbar buttons.

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In fact, it works better than before that is most definitely arguable. It has introduced scenarios where you must now edit accidentals in a different way that I call it a failure to this point.

For example, you can no longer add a courtesy accidental if the octave has changed using the toolbar.

Making it a toggle is a limited convenience. It wasn't really that difficult to select an accidental and press delete compared to selecting the note and clicking the toolbar - essentially a push in convenience.

They only reason I'm mostly accepting this is because of the one improvement that so many people asked for. You now hear the correct note when you click the accidental then the note rather than the previous method where if the accidental was not part of the key signature you heard the wrong note entered, then had to fix it. There are issues open for the known problems that need to be fixed.

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See above, I misunderstood and thought we were talking about the behavior in normal mode. In note input mode, it's indeed not an improvement per se, just a difference, and one that currently comes with a couple of limitations that need to be address (like octave change, which should preserve the accidental, and I'd still liek to see a new command to add an accidental after the fact).

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Right but the point is, in most respects, it's a significant change for the better, at least in theory. Previously there was no "before-the-fact" accidental facility whatsoever, - absolutely no way to do it at all in case. There were several ways of applying accidentals - up/down, toolbar, shortcuts corresponding to toolbar buttons, and palette - and they were all "after-the-fact". So now there are several after-the-fact but also several before-the-fact. In principle, that's a win. But there are indeed still a couple of wrinkles to work out. Most important in my opinion is to change Ctrl+Up/Down so courtesy accidentals don't get lost. But also I do want to see a toolbar and/or keyboard-based way to do after-thefact courtesy accidentals.

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And as mentioned in an earlier post, not only make sure that the accidentals 'stay' when octave shifting, but also make sure that they apply to the [add interval above/below] shortcuts so that users can utilize them with a toggled accidental

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