Centering System Text and fixing instument names in score

• Nov 28, 2019 - 05:28

I was using the system break to create a new movement and told to use system text to assign a title, is there a way to ensure this is in the middle of the page?

Also, I have several divisi parts for strings and ossias for piccolo so I assigned the temporary line as line 1 and the normal line as line 2, however, as these are set to automatically disappear, the instrument name and abbreviation disappears too, is there a way to keep it there without having to change the order of the instruments (I want to keep the ossia above the normal part)


I always use a Vertical Frame, then Add... Title. Using a system break is correct advice, but system text is really not the best way to add a movement title.
I hope that someone else can give you the best advice about ossias...

I'm guessing you are using the cutaway option on the staff for an ossia from what you are describing. Since the ossia can appear anywhere on the system, it is not logical to place the instrument name at the far left end of the system. Also, the label for the ossia my vary from one occurrence to the next so a label you cannot easily get rid of is not a good idea.

After that complicated explanation, the solution is simple, use staff text for the label.

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