Custom elements in palette

• Nov 29, 2019 - 17:33

I think that you should be able to edit the items inside the palette as you can in the editor. I am trying to making sticking easier for writing in MDL by using the "Fingering" element and changing the 0 into an R and the 1 into an L. But I can't save those to the palette so I could just drag and drop the stickings. Could this be a planned feature later, please?


BTW, though, not sure what you found, but you don't need to use drag&drop at all. Well, maybe for the very first one if you prefer that to using the menu, but then you edit it and press Space to move to the next note. So you can enter stickings as fast as you can type them, no need to touch the mouse or palette.

Still, customizing palettes is easy and very useful as well for other purposes, so hopefully you got that answer too.

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