Crash on startup "Minidump file does no exist" MS3

• Dec 4, 2019 - 20:06

I keep launching Musescore 3 and it keeps saying "Minidump file does no exist" in a console tab and then it closes that tab. what do I do?
I tried opening a musescore score and it still wont open.

I restored my PC and it still wont let me open Musescore, same bug

I really would appriciate your help


The error message you refer to is from the crash reporter, it isn't relevant to the actual cause of the crash. You crash seems to be on startup, try 3.3.4 which fixed a couple of different crashes involving particular graphics drivers and other system incompatibilities.

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Hmm, very strange. Is this Windows? Next step might be to try starting using the command-line option "-s" to see if there is a conflict with your sound drivers (look in the Handbook for info on using command line options if you aren't familiar). Also try "-w" (although that probably won't help if double-clicking a score didn't) and also -F.

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