How to change sound of new note added under "Edit Drumset"?

• Dec 5, 2019 - 00:23

I've added a new cross note head and position to the default "Bongos" instrumentation in order to symbolize a rim click, but I want it to play the same sound as the Bongo hit, since I don't imagine there's a sound for what will actually be played. This way, in playback, at least something will be played. Right now, it has no sound.

How do I assign a sound to this new note?


If I understand correctly, there isn't a way to do that (have two different display options for the same MIDI pitch - there wouldn't be a way for MuseScore to know which note to display. If you want two different note displays, you need two different MIDI pitches.

As a workaround, have you considered using Mute High Conga (62)?
There's a lot of options to polish playback after you're done writing the part. You could add an invisible track with just the rim click hits. You could also try fiddling with the Tuning setting (Inspector > Note) and see if you can make it sound closer to what you want.
Otherwise, you'll need a custom soundfont that has the sound on a different MIDI note.

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