Musescore 3 Moves EXTREMELY Slow (macOS)

• Dec 6, 2019 - 22:03

Musescore used to work fine with my Mac. However, whenever I open Musescore as of late, editing my scores takes forever to do. Whenever I input notes, the program takes about 4-5 seconds (sometimes longer) to actually put them end. This results in a long tone being played for about 5-10 seconds when it used to simply play for a small portion of a second. When I playback through any score, the pan doesn't even match the notes (the music being played is far ahead than what is being shown on the screen and takes forever to catch up). Navigating throughout the score takes forever too, considering that when I scroll forward or backward it takes a few seconds to move just a little in the direction. It wasn't as bad at first but it has gotten to a point where it takes over a minute to input a measure for one instrument, which makes the program almost unusable. Not to mention the fact that it takes a really long time for the program to load up when I start it.

Thinking it would solve the issue, I deleted Musescore off of my Mac (while ensuring to keep my scores in a separate folder before deleting) and then I reinstalled Musescore. When I reinstalled it, my computer told me that the program wasn't compatible with macOS and I wasn't able to open it unless the developer made an update. Somehow, I was able to open it again but the slowness problem still persists.


For the record, removing MuseScore never removes your score,s you don't have to do anything special to prevent that.

Long load times generally mean you have large soundfonts - like the MDL soundfonts, those can take over a minute to load. Slow response to input generally means you score has become huge - either with lots and lots of music, or a bug that has somehow created thousands of extra invisible symbols. In order to investigate, We'd need you to attach your score and gives precise steps to reproduce the problem

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Testing that theory would be useful, yes - so the smaller score you create that exhibits a problem, and precise steps to reproduce the problem, are still useful.

I'd first suggest a reboot though, and reverting to factory settings, in case there is something odd going on with RAM usage or with the contents of a custom instruments.xml file or some giant soundfont (like MDL) you have that is causing the issue.

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