instrument.xml file for Paul Battersby's Virtual Playing Orchestra

• Dec 8, 2019 - 02:27

I have created an instrument.xml file which generates multiple MIDI channels for every .sfz file given in Paul Battersby's Virtual Playing Orchestra ( For example, the 'Flute' instrument contains dedicated channels for 'normal', 'sustain', 'staccato', 'accent' and 'keyswitch' .sfz files. These can also be re-assigned in the Mixer tab.

Using these channels is the same as changing from 'arco' to 'pizz.', vice versa:

I have also made drumsets of unpitched/auxiliary percussion instruments. I have mapped their sounds according to the table set forth here:

1) Download vpoinstruments.xml. Save this file in any accessible directory.
2) Open Musescore 3.
3) Under Edit->Preferences->Score, click on the folder icon for 'Instrument list 2:'.
4) Browse vpoinstruments.xml saved in step #1.
5) Click 'Apply', then 'OK'.
6) Open Edit->Instruments.
7) In the drop-down menu on the upper left (default should say 'Common'), click and select 'Virtual Playing Orchestra'.
8) Select desired instruments.

This instrument.xml works ONLY IF:
(1) You are using the Standard Orchestra .sfz of Version 3.2
(2) You have imported ALL .sfz files in the EXACT order as appears in the "Virtual-Playing-Orchestra3" folder into View->Synthesizer->Zerberus

If (2) is not met, simply rearrange the .sfz files in the order given in 'vpolist.txt'. Ensure that under View->Synthesizer->Zerberus, 'all-brass-SEC-accent-panned.sfz' begins the list.

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