instrument.xml file for Paul Battersby's Virtual Playing Orchestra

• Dec 8, 2019 - 02:27

I have created an instrument.xml file which generates multiple MIDI channels for every .sfz file given in Paul Battersby's Virtual Playing Orchestra ( For example, the 'Flute' instrument contains dedicated channels for 'normal', 'sustain', 'staccato', 'accent' and 'keyswitch' .sfz files. These can also be re-assigned in the Mixer tab.

Using these channels is the same as changing from 'arco' to 'pizz.', vice versa:

I have also made drumsets of unpitched/auxiliary percussion instruments. I have mapped their sounds according to the table set forth here:

1) Download vpoinstruments.xml. Save this file in any accessible directory.
2) Open Musescore 3.
3) Under Edit->Preferences->Score, click on the folder icon for 'Instrument list 2:'.
4) Browse vpoinstruments.xml saved in step #1.
5) Click 'Apply', then 'OK'.
6) Open Edit->Instruments.
7) In the drop-down menu on the upper left (default should say 'Common'), click and select 'Virtual Playing Orchestra'.
8) Select desired instruments.

This instrument.xml works ONLY IF:
(1) You are using the Standard Orchestra .sfz of Version 3.2
(2) You have imported ALL .sfz files in the EXACT order as appears in the "Virtual-Playing-Orchestra3" folder into View->Synthesizer->Zerberus

If (2) is not met, simply rearrange the .sfz files in the order given in 'vpolist.txt'. Ensure that under View->Synthesizer->Zerberus, 'all-brass-SEC-accent-panned.sfz' begins the list.

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Thank you . One problem I am having is that the sound is great if I just play the *.mczs file but when I export it to mp3 or .wav file it sound just like the Musescore instruments (listless and dull) even if I increase the bit rate . Is there a setting that will allow the better sound to be exported?

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Export sound should be identical to the sound in the application. If you are seeing otherwise for some particular score, we'd need you to attach it and give more details about your audio setup (what other soundfonts you might be using, any other non-default synthesizer settings, etc).

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I am using the Virtual Playing orchestra sound fonts and imported them into the Zerberus. The mixer didn't automatically assign the right *.sfz file so I set them up manually. But the weird thing is that if I close the score and open it again, the piccolo, oboe and trombone all reset to French horn. Also I tried to attach the *wav file that I exported but it was too large ( I had increased the bit rate to 320 )

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say thank you for the .xml file. I modified to suit my particular setup, but it was a great place to start, to coin a phrase.

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