• Dec 10, 2019 - 17:23

I want to add rows in my score. I only have 4. How do i add more?


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For the record, "system" is the official musical term for this.

But, adding measures is what you want. They might all be squeezed onto the same system at first while they are empty, but as soon as you start entering note,s they automatically get wider and expand into multiple systems as needed, you seldom need to take any explicit actions to control this. But if you do decide after entering all your notes you want fewer measures on a system, just select the measure you want to end a system and hit Enter.

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In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach to score (and not just a picture of it), and explain in more detail what change you want to make (eg, add new measures in a new system at the end, add new measures in a new system in the middle, add line breaks to spread the existing measures out to more systems).

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