Palettes Don't Remain Opened

• Dec 19, 2019 - 14:35

I leave some Palettes opened then shut MuseScore down.

When I open MuseScore again I see those Palettes I left opened are still closed.

How to keep them permanently opened?


As far as I know, you don't. If you want a certain set of symbols always visible, I recommend adding them all to one custom palette, then there is only one thing to open after restarting.

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I saw that maybe 1/20 times with 3.3.0, but after some tweaks that were made to the palette code, I think I've seen it only once in thousands of tries since, telltale sign of this is the cell remains there, blank, and actually still works even though the cell doesn't display (maybe only via keyboard? been too long since I've seen this happen)

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Sure, either MuseScore code or Qt code, but the harder it is to reproduce, the harder to debug.

Anyhow, my point isn't to say the bug doesn't exist, but to suggest that perhaps the OP simply needs to update, because it did originally occur much more often, so that could be how they were being fooled into thinking it just didn't work. Because currently, when it's 3/100 one person's system of literally once in I'm sure over a thousand operations on mine, it's clearly pretty rare, so in general we can say the feature works.

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Did you make sure you are releasing your drop with the pointer within the palette and not in the space above it? I've done hundreds of these and not had it fail once, nor has anyone else reported any problem like this, so I have to imagine it is something unique to your system or how you are performing the operation

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