Number of measures in multimeasure rest

• Dec 26, 2019 - 17:12

Can you put the number of measures in multimeasure rest under the staff? If it is at the beginning it overlaps with Allegretto etc. Thank you


Musicians won/t be looking under the staff anyhow, so they will appreciate your not doing that. Tempo markings should automatically avoid the numbers already, but you can also move the tempo marking manually if you need to in some particular case where maybe the automatic collision avoidance is moving it too high and you'd rather move it to the left, for instance.

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First of all - I admire you for the incredible amount of work you contribute to musescore.
||: Thank you. :||

I have just transcribed the most popular Czech mass (SATB only) to Musescore.
As it is sang by over hundred amateur choirs all over the country, I assume someone definitely must have done it before, but I could not find it.

Now I am in the process of tidying up and refining the layout.
I studied math, sing bass (poorly) and love everything really tidy and automated and organized through styles.
I agree that at most places the number above the score works well.
However, traditionally this score is written in one voice for solo and choir voices. (First line, hand-written "SÓLISTÉ" [soloists].) Particularly in the case of leading rests for the voice the space above the staff gets cluttered. As you can see in the picture in the red rectangle, if you put the number above, you get to two lines, having tempo above the number and "p". If there is also "Solo" marking and "rit." next to the "p", you get to almost impossible task of keeping the space tidy. In such situations the number of rests under the score makes quite good sense.
I would also like to keep the style close to the legacy one.

As you are the best expert around and this is a related topic:
Is it possible to enter a conditional text, which does not appear/get printed in all instruments or voices but only in single voice view, such as "Tenor solo" marked green in the picture?

I know I can do lots of things manually, but I love to do them systematically. I long to avoid extra work when modifying the font for older colleagues with tired eyes, for example, although I can imagine making it systematically may turn out more time consuming.

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I don't know, I find it an ugly hack and likely to cause confusion among readers, and would have preferred the engraver do almost anything else but that. So I'd not want to see a single setting for something like that, but a vertical offset style setting (with corresponding property in the Inspector to override) that also gave control over how high above the staff would be nice. Also, ideally, you could make the number invisible independently of the bar. Right now to take this, I guess you'd need to make the whole thing invisible, then manually add both the bar and the number from the symbols palette. Still, I think you're much better off doing almost anything but that.

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