Text frame - Keep with next score

• Jan 3, 2020 - 10:38

Is it possible to set a property of a text frame to keep with the next score?
I have nine sections of a mass and their titles in text boxes. In the main score the titles tend to end up at the bottom of the page.
I can put a page break in front of them, but it would mess up in the parts.
I can increase the space above them manually for each of them, but it seems sort of clumsy.
It would be nice to be able to set that a text frame is/contains a title (which will be quite often, I presume - sections, songs etc.).
Is there a way I overlooked?

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Use a page break and/or a section break (that's what it is after all, separating several pieces in one score file).
Nothing to do with parts, breaks and spaces don't propagate between score and parts (section breaks however do propagate)

I agree that needing to rely on explicit breaks is not ideal here - after all, if the layout earlier in the score changes, it may no longer make sense here. A "keep with next system" property on the frame makes a lot of sense, I'd make use of it a lot myself too. Feel free to submit an official "Suggestion" to the "Issue tracker" for this"

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