Auto placement.

• Jan 8, 2020 - 07:48

Musescore 2 didn't have this problem. MuseScore 3 does.

The Auto-placement of the slurs and the hairpins (dynamic markings) is often not allowing me to move those markings to the desirable place. Auto-placement now controls the placements of the above mentioned items.
Is there a way to disable the Auto-placement?
I've tried to use "Edit element", tried to double click on an item and move it myself. Nothing works in MuseScore 3. The items spring back into the Auto-placement position, which is often not where I need the markings to be in.

Thank you. Alexander.


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Select one of the elements for which you want to disable automatic placement (e.g. one slur), right click, select all similar. Then untick automatic placement in the inspector. Repeat for each type of element on your list to disable automatic placement for all occurrences of that element. If you will want the same thing again, save the score as a template.

But what is automatic placement preventing you from achieving? Now I have got used to the way it works, I very rarely find it advantageous to turn it off and even then it is only for particular instances of an item, never for all occurrences of a type of item in a score. Perhaps if you can share an example score where automatic placement is causing you difficulties we can help find a way to let automatic placement work with you rather than against you.

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Thank you for your help.
There were several instances when I'd need to move the ends of a slur up, to level up the slur or on a contrary - to make it more bulging out. In those cases the slur would spring back into the position I was trying to correct right after I end editing it.
There were also cases when the slurs would go way too high up, away from the notes they suppose to unite. Sometimes so high that the spacing between the staff lines would shift (spread out), making it challenging to keep a needed amount of staff lines on one page. This would also happen in the earlier bars when I try to compress some later bars - a chain reaction, in a way.
The hairpins usually are not as temperamental as the slurs. Once the hairpin was convinced that it needs to be reaching out the dynamic marking in the next measure, even though my plan was not the same. Every time I have tried to shrink (shorten) the hairpin, it'd spring back out in it's original form after I finish editing it.

Using your advice did make a difference. Thank you.

Autoplace shouldn't normally prevent you from moving slurs or hairpins, although in the case of hairpins, it may be trying to align them with a dynamic. In order to understand why in some particular case you are having trouble moving one of these, we would need you to attach an example score. Disabling autoplace in general would not be advisable, you'll end up with tons of collisions and poor alignment by default and need to make many more manual adjustments than you do now,

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